baked goods

bagels, butter cups, cupcakes, mini loaves, muffins, cookies & so. much. more!

our homemade breads & goodies

breads & bagels:

everything bagel

sesame bagel

plain bagel


bread loaf

cream cheese:


herb & garlic


baked goodies:

cinnamon buns

three bite dark chocolate brownie

peanut butter stout cookie

blueberry oat muffin

gluten-free goodies:

butter cups:

peanut butter cup

almond butter cup

coconut butter cup

cupcakes - many flavours!

carrot loaf with cream cheese icing

banana loaf with walnuts & choc chip

zucchini muffin with choc chip

chocolate chip cookie

sprinkle cookie 

mini pies - autumn specials:

butter tarts

pumpkin pie

pecan pie

apple pie

our donuts and baked goods are made with unbleached flour, organic non dairy milk and organic cane sugar.

we are dedicated to the use of certified organic and GMO-free products. while we strive to provide alternatives for people with allergies and sensitivities, please note that our bakery is not gluten, soy or nut free.