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vegan birthday cakes

a cake for every occasion: weddings, birthdays, parties, family & friends get-togethers, office events, and more
donut cake
Peanut butter cake.jpg
Funfetti cake 2.jpg
Donut cake 2.jpg

for cakes, we require at least 48 hours in advance

click on order now or e-mail us at 

thank you!

our favourites:

  • donut: vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, donut glaze & mini donuts (pick your flavour!)

  • funfetti!: vanilla cake, vanilla frosting with sprinkles, topped with more sprinkles!

  • Biscoff cake: vanilla cake, Biscoff frosting, Biscoff cream spread and crumble

  • chocolate raspberry: chocolate cake, raspberry frosting

  • cookies & cream: chocolate cake, cookies & cream frosting

  • rose pistachio: vanilla cake with pistachios folded in, rosewater frosting

Biscoff cake.jpg

cake flavours:

  • banana & peanut butter: banana cake, peanut butter frosting

  • berries & lemon: lemon cake with berries folded in (blueberry & raspberry), lemon frosting

  • campfire: chocolate or vanilla cake, vanilla frosting, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate ganache, marshmallows

  • carrot: carrot cake, vanilla frosting

  • lemon: lemon cake, fresh lemon frosting

  • London fog: London fog tea-steeped cake, London fog frosting

  • maple pecan: vanilla with pecans cake, maple frosting, toasted & candied pecans

  • vanilla: vanilla cake, vanilla frosting

  • chocolate: chocolate cake, dark chocolate frosting, chocolate chips

  • chocolate hazelnut: chocolate cake, hazelnut frosting

  • chocolate peanut butter: chocolate cake, peanut butter frosting, peanut butter caramel

  • chocolate & vanilla: chocolate cake, vanilla frosting

  • mocha: chocolate cake, fair trade espresso frosting​

  • red velvet: red velvet cake, cream cheese filling, vanilla frosting

cake prices

* top your cake with mini donuts for $15. 

donuts are not gluten-free. all mini donuts are packed in a separate box for safer transportation.

our donuts and baked goods are made with unbleached flour, organic non dairy milk and organic cane sugar.

we are dedicated to the use of certified organic and GMO-free products. while we strive to provide alternatives for people with allergies and sensitivities, please note that our bakery is not gluten, soy or nut free.

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